Vehicle Factory


Max Build

The Vehicle Factory is a Building of the Astros'. It appears only in the online video game CrystAlien Conflict. It can be used to produce Trikes, Clawtanks and Recon Dropships. It can built after making the Training Camp, and costs 2000 in-game credits.


CrystAlien ConflictEdit

In-game it can be used to produce Trikes, with a maximum of 5. Once a Radar Station has been constructed, it can build Clawtanks. Once a Technology Centre is completed it can build up to 2 Recon Dropships. It costs 2000 credits to build and can only be constructed after a Training camp has been completed. Maximum 2 Factories can be built at once. Together with the Radar station it permits construction of the Technology Centre. It cannot attack. It seems to be composed of 4 turret bases from the Defence Station, included in the ETX Mothership Assault, 4 Power Plant bases and 4 "balls" of unknown origin.

I have tried very hard to make one of these, but the Power Plants seem to be one piece and it seems to be impossible to pull off!

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