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Mars Mission
Lego Mars Mission is a line of Lego building toys which is based on mars, featuring a war between astronauts and Aliens over a valuable power source known as "energy crystals". The line started in 2007 and ended in 2009, although the last sets were released in 2008. The fight between the astronaut and the aliens intensifies over time in the story, as the astronaut's technology becomes more battle-ready, and more alien forces are discovered. Despite the fact that the aliens appear to be martians, they are not, they are not even from this solar system (which they have named "gamma") but they are determined to thrive upon the crystals and make mars their new home.
The story begins with aliens landing on Phobos, where the mothership crashed, the aliens built a base on the moon, and landed on Mars establishing Marsbar City. The Aliens then built bases, and small towns all over Mars. The building of the towns and bases lead to the discovery of Energy Crystals, which to the Aliens seemed to have been the solution to saving themselves and their race from oblivion. But 6 months later astronauts landed on mars, where a newly discovered power source appears to be the solution to the energy crisis on Earth. The aliens spot one of their mining squads and send an investigation squad to see what they were up to, and possibly make an ally. However, the astros discover the alien investigation squad taking a look at what they were doing, and the astros, in fear, abruptly killed them. The aliens discover that the squad never returned and start building more battle ready weapons to fend off astros.The aliens eventually found the astro mining squad that killed their investigation squad. It turns out one of the drones from the destroyed investigation squad finds the astro rocket and accidentaly blows up a crate of explosives killing himself, and the astros guarding the rocket, which was also destroyed. The astros, having misunderstood the situation launch a counter-attack. The aliens, then fearful that they may be wiped out by another alien race, start mass-producing weapons, an astro spy sees this and reports it to the astro mission commander who decides the aliens are wanting to destroy all astros. The astros do another attack starting the beginning of the war. These attacks continue, and the astronauts (shortened to " Astros") modify their technology to be more battle ready.
The sets were released in three waves mainly. There were two special sets, and three impulse sets in the line. For more information and complete set list, see the LEGO Mars Mission Sets page.
There were two games released on to support the line, CrystAlien Conflict, and Martian Chase.CrystAlien ConflictCrystAlien Conflict is a one-player strategy game, where you can control either the astros are the aliens in their battles against each other. Each campaign (astros and aliens) consists of ten main levels. In addition to the main game, quite a few extra levels were released, including the special ops levels, and levels such as "Pizza" (where you raise "money" to try and buy a pizza), and "Santa" (where you play as Santa, shot down by the aliens, trying to find the presents that were scattered from your sleigh). There are also numerous "cheats" for the game. For more info, see CrystAlien Conflict Cheats.

Martian ChaseMartian Chase is a simpler, arcade type game where you play as an astro running away from an alien who is chasing you, and will eat you if you lose. You have to avoid orange Lego bricks on the ground (if you hit one, you trip, and the alien gets closer to you), which come faster and faster as the game progresses. Along the path you collect crystals which you can convert into lives at the main menu (Key: 100 crystals=1 life).

There is much to learn about both sides of Mars. The Information Page will take you to all the pages of information about Mars Mission and this site. Topics include how to remove adds, information on both factions and their technology, and other useful bits of knowledge about Mars and its moons.
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