Energy Crystals


Energy Crystals are radioactive and filled with easily obtainable energy. They can be mined from the ground of Mars.
Alien Usage
The Aliens feed of the radioactivity and use them for power in their machines. They are crucial to the survival of the Aliens. They mine them with Crystal Extractors.
Astro Usage
The Astros use the Crystals for power. They need them to produce Energy on Earth. They mine them with Crystal Miners.

Energy Crystals are a special type of crystal found only on Mars. They are packed with Energy and are radioactive. They seem to be used in Power Plants and Energy Generators to produce power for each races' buildings. The Astros want them to produce electricity on Earth, which is affected by an energy crisis. The Aliens want them because they seem to feed of the radioactivity and they use them for power. They also need them to survive, after having been exiled from their original planet.

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