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About CrystAlien Conflict
The Lego Mars Mission CrystAlien Conflict game was made for by 4T2 Multimedia and was featured on Since then, Lego has closed the Mars Mission site, therefore making it impossible to play the game there, but there is an offline version of the game and it is fully functional (click link above).

CrystAlien Conflict was immensely popular, and was considered to be one of LEGO's greatest online games of all time. It is a one-player strategy game were you play as either Astros (Astronauts) or Aliens in a quest for domination of Mars and the supply of Energy Crystals. Each faction has 9 levels to play, and a 10th "Conflict" level. In the Hive Edition of the game, new levels called "Special Ops" were introduced (3 for the Astros, 1 for the Aliens).

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There are numerous cheat codes for the game. Here's a guide to the game:  Play more games:Martian Chase Astro Defense Claw Tank Game

There are quite a few sprites from the game.  Check them out at: CrystAlien Conflict Sprites (If you would like a zip file containing all the sprites,  please contact leveleditor6680)