Astro DefenseEdit

Astro Defense
By rennatnve101

Astro Defense is a series of Mars Mission themed PowerPoint games built by rennatnave101.

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Click on a link in the table below to download a game (they are safe, no viruses). You may need to adjust your computer volume, but there is sound. Game works best with PowerPoint 2003 but will work with other versions. See a glitch or have any problems, contact rennatnave101 via personal message (for members) or post a thread.{| align="bottom" cellpadding="3" class="WPC-edit-style-grid1 WPC-edit-border-all WPC-edit-styleData-color1=%23ebebeb&color2=%23c7c7c7" height="193" style="border-spacing:0px;border-collapse:collapse;margin:0px;clear:both;position:relative;" width="462" For Windows (better) For Mac Availability
Viper Attack (AD1) Viper Attack (AD1) Available
Alien Assault (AD2) Alien Assault (AD2) Available
Mining Mayhem (AD3) Mining Mayhem (AD3) Available
MMAC MMAC Coming Soon...
Astro Jet Flight (made in collaboration with MarsWizard2) Astro Jet Flight (made in collaboration with MarsWizard2) ???

| class="WPC-edit-borderLeft-solid WPC-edit-custom-borderLeft" style="vertical-align:top;color:inherit;font-family:inherit;font-size:inherit;border:1pxsolidrgb(0,0,0);" width="46%"|I am currently reworking and refining all three Astro Defense games to be high quality and available for both Windows and Mac. Astro Defense 4 is currently on hold because I am working on MMAC. If you have questions or comments, post a thread at the bottom of the page or sendrennatnave101 a message. You need extracting software to view the high quality Windows versions (you can find extracting software links at our downloads page).===A New Solution===

Due to issues surrounding the conversion of my games to the executible format (.exe), that idea has been dumped. A better solution has arisen... packaging. Using PowerPoint's built in packager, I will now be able to create a folder complete with a lightweight version of PowerPoint Viewer and containing all the source files required for high quality useage. These folders will eventually be hosted on the Lego Attachmentswebsite.   |}

Please tell me if anything is messed up so I can fix it. For more information and screenshots, go to the Mars Mission Wiki game guides page.

Want to see another fan-made game? Go to Mars Wizard's Slideshows and check out the Claw-Tank Game in Attachments.

Other Projects
MMAC- Mars Mission Alien Conflict*More than 30 full color scenes (many .gif images as well)
  • A progress recall (save) feature
  • Items and backpack
  • Dialogue and conversations
  • Play as the Aliens
  • Similar to the MNOGs (Mata Nui Online Games)


games built by rennatnave101 using PowerPoint 2003 on Windows XP