Alien Speeder
Alien Speeder
Affiliation: Aliens
Item Nº: 7697 AND 7699
Pieces: Unknown
Minifigures: Alien
Ages: Unknown...
Released: 2007
The Alien Speeder is a fast ship used by the Aliens primarily for recon missions and quick attacks. It seems to appear in both the MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit and in the MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush, albeit a bit different versions. It also appears in Crystalien Conflict.


A hovering lightly armored Alien ship, used for quick attacks and recon missions. It's laser weapon can deal with small groups of infantry on it's own.

Crystalien ConflictEdit


It is made from the Battle Foundry (War Factory on earlier versions) and does not require any other buildings. It is fast enough to avoid most Defence Station fire, and any other unit which fires similarily. It is pretty light armored and goes down quickly when hit. It can kill 1 or 2 infantry on it's own but is picked off by larger groups. It can be repaired by a saboteur.

Set InformationEdit

It was not released alone but comes with the 101 Armored Drilling Unit and the MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush, the speeders are a bit different though. Crystalien Conflict is not detailed enough to check which is the right one.

External LinksEdit

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