Alien Commander
Affiliation: Aliens
Equipment: None
Variations: Drone, Saboteur
Years: 2008

The Alien Commander is a different type of alien. He is first seen when the astros accidently uncover the alien hive. They are seen commanding groups of alien Drones and are much taller than them. They are green, like the normal Drones, but with hints of black (See image). They are seen piloting the ETX Alien Infiltrator, and protecting the alien hive. They also seem to drive various other smaller vehicles. The alien commanders are the elite of their race, and can easily defeat any normal Astro. They are armed with unique much more powerful versions of the laserstaff.


He leads the alien hive against the Astronauts and commands groups of Aliens. He is much stronger, taller and has more powerful weaponry than the regular Aliens he lives among with. He pilots the Alien Infiltrator, which is extremely dangerous to the Astronauts he fights against, and some other minor vessels.


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Alien CommanderEdit

Alien Commander
Affiliation: Aliens
Equipment: Energy Staff
Variations: None
Years: 2007, 2008

The Alien Commander is a supreme force. Weapon technology is unknown, but it seems to be a powerful rapid-firing version of the regular Drone Energy Staff which combines the normal laser with the more powerful one on for example the Dragon Cruiser.  Unlike all other unblockable laser attacks, the Commander's can attack airborne targets.  An elite regular drone has been seen carrying this type of staff before the Hive was discovered (T2000 "Commando" Level)