Alien New
Affiliation: Aliens
Equipment: Varied, for example a Jetpack.
Variations: Alien Commander
Years: Appears in all the Mars Mission theme.


These Aliens are the apparent main antagonists of the Mars Mission theme. They appear in almost every Mars Mission set. Their legs are normal plastic, but their main body glows in the dark. They are shown to use the crystals for their own survival, making the player question the Astro Ethics. For the fan-made semi-canon story(-ies), check out the Mars Mission wiki rpg page and the Mars Mission Wetpaint Wiki

Types Edit

Drones Edit

The Alien Drones are specially trained for combat with the Astros. They wield an Energy Staff in CrystAlien Conflict.


The Saboteur is a support unit. It can repair vehicles, some units and buildings or capture enemy buildings. It is non-aggressive. Select unit and target a damaged unit, vehicle, friendly building or an enemy building, the saboteur will do the rest.


An elite, bigger Alien. Much more powerful with a unique laserstaff. Commands the other aliens. Lives and seems to be hibernating in the Hive. He is awakened by the Astros in the Crystal reaper that reveals the Hive.



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