Claw Tank

The setEdit

the claw-tank ambush is a medium- priced set.  It comes with the Alien Speeder that is seen in crystalien Conflict, although it seems it has an armoured "wing" extra on each side in the real set.

Crystalien ConflictEdit

The claw tank is an Astro unit.  It is only obtainable with the Vehicle Factory and requires a Radar Station to be built.  The claw tank is the brute force unit of the Astros.  It has the same health as a Defense Station.  The claw tank has te same firerate, too.  It is the Astro equivilant to a Dragon Cruiser.


The claw tank is most useful as a guard unit as it can move to wherever the problem is.  It has a lot of health so a single claw tank can destroy small attacks.  It can be used offensively to take out a semi- defended  base, but that is not the best idea in conflict mode.  In conflict mode, the AI for the enemy will infinetly build units that will destroy oyur claw tanks in no time.





A powerful, bulky ground unit



Max Build


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