7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault
Affiliation: Aliens
Item Nº: 7691
Pieces: 436
Minifigures: Astronaut (x5), Astronauts (x2)
Ages: 8-12
Released: 2007

7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault Is the ultimate 4-in-1 Alien strike ship! With its advanced weaponry, firing missile and three detachable attack vehicles, the giant ETX Alien Mothership will stop at nothing to steal energy crystals.


The ETX is the Aliens' main and most powerful ship. The mothership itself can separate and divide itself into four different crafts. It would fire a missile when you pulled the trigger located on the handle underneath the ship. The set also includes an Astronaut defense station with a drill and a pump system that can fire 4 soft foam 'missiles'. The set includes 2 Astronauts and 5 Aliens.

Set InformationEdit

  • Released: 2007
  • Item Number: 7691
  • Pieces: 436

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