7646 ETX Alien Infiltrator
Affiliation: Aliens
Item Nº: 7646
Pieces: 333
Minifigures: Alien, Alien Commander, Astronaut (x2)
Ages: 7-14
Released: May 2008

7646 ETX Alien Infiltrator is a Mars Mission set released in 2008. It contains a craft named the ETX Alien Infiltrator that can convert from an attack ship to a combat walker, with an Alien Commander as the pilot. A Mining Robot with an Astronaut onboard and another astronaut with a drill in his hands are included, as is a regular Alien.


Capable of instantly transforming, the alien commander's infiltrator can attack the human mining robot from space as an attack spaceship or from land as a combat walker.

CrystAlien ConflictEdit

Alien InfiltratorEdit

An advanced attack unit. Fast, strong and powerful. Can land to collect crates. Fires in both air and ground combat. This unit is not avalible unless you take over the alien hive with dropship carring enginerr

Set InformationEdit

  • Released: May 2008
  • Item Number: 7646
  • Pieces: 333

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Building Instructions

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